Friday, January 21, 2011

Who says so?

Remember asking for something when you were little, your parents said no, and you had the nerve to ask "why not?" My mom always replied, "Because I said so!" And for those of us who know old-school parenting, that was the END of the conversation. Unlike with today's children, when our mommas said no, that was ask/beg again came with corporal consequences, if you know what I mean.

Now, if we could learn that so quickly from our earthly parents, why couldn't we learn that same lesson when we know "God said..." The Bible has 500 references to that phrase, and yet, many of us ignore Him daily.

I remember growing up wondering what I would become in life. I didn't want to do one thing...I had a list! I knew I wanted to check each "career" off and then keep moving to the next. Never did I have a fascination with making money, and I knew whatever I wanted to do had to make me happy inside. I never knew God had in His master plan that I'd end up working for Him. Wow, what a blessing it has been. But, it hasn't come without its bumps and bruises along the way. The most wonderful thing is that God has shown me that I must completely trust in Him...why? Because God said so!

I also came to know that my life always seemed out of order when I was not doing what God said. You ever notice that? When I was caught up in "finishing my list;" "doing my own thing;" ignoring the little voice I knew I heard in my head, heart, and soul;" whenever I was not listening to "because GOD said so," I wasn't feeling settled inside. For me, I dreamed of completing a career list, and then writing about each item on that list. Well, during all those years, I became really comfortable with what the world said, and not what God said. "Get that job, girl," "Make that money, girl," "Get those benefits, girl," and on and on and on. Meanwhile, I ignored God saying "Read My word daily, My child," "Draw closer to Me and I will draw closer to you, My child," "I am here for you in both good times and bad, My child," "You are My child and I love you as if you were My only one, My child!" Can you imagine ignoring all those phenomenal blessings? Who do we think we are??

We're all God's children, because God said so!

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